End of an Era

This is it, this is the final blog. I know I won’t be returning here since I am after all in grade 12. To me, this entire semester has gone by too fast. My project has been very fast-paced to me as well. I have currently finished the five drawings I had to do. It … More End of an Era

Gantt? Gantt.

What exactly is a Gantt chart? It’s a chart I must use to keep a well-constructed schedule for my project. So, a chart with series of horizontal lines presents the amount of work done or production completed. We construct milestones and actions steps to go along with the corresponding milestones. This helps to let us … More Gantt? Gantt.

Breaking It Down

Now that proof of concept is over, I had to start working on my idea for my project. Since I wasn’t sure what I could even do with my art, I had a conversation with Mr. Hansen. We both decided to set on me doing commissioned artwork for others. My goal for the end is … More Breaking It Down


I will be honest when I say I was avoiding doing proper work for a while. I wasn’t able to focus too much for starting my proof of concept. Definitely because I was struggling on the drawing I was working on. For my POC, I had to make an original drawing on the computer and … More POC


I’ll be honest when I say I wasn’t planning on coming to propel, at least not in grade 12. I applied to Propel back in 2016, hoping to be able to attend for grade 11. Unfortunately, I got turned down and I lost all hope for that experience, so I gave up on it. I … More Observations